The FPG Roaming Series: Working in...Japan

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THE FPG ROAMING SERIES: WORKING IN… JAPANAs a leading, global telecommunications recruitment...

By Christopher Lamb

Asia Managing Director


As a leading, global telecommunications recruitment specialist, we place experts in every continent across the world. In our latest, FPG Roaming Series, we speak with Ruchi Sachan.

Where are you working currently?

I am working for client Ericsson, Yokohama Japan.

What was appealing about working in said location?

The best thing about working in Japan and especially where I work is the industry hubs that surround it. Working/commuting alongside these people who work for these industry leading companies really give you the drive to work more professionally and succeed in my current role. Additionally, Japan is well designed with every living necessity only being a 5 minute walk away at the Max. Finally, probably the best thing for me about working in Japan is the easy commute with the Fast Trains, it allows me to reach any destination in a short time.

How would you describe your lifestyle where you are living and working? (e.g. food, culture, activities).

I am living in Tokyo, and commute to Yokohama when I do onsite work. However, most of the time I am working from home due to the pandemic.

Being an Indian living in Japan the culture is very different, however, the adaptation was easy especially because I enjoy experiencing new things. The food took a little longer adapting too but the majority of the time I just cook for myself, which is made so easy with a supermarket only being a 10-minute walk away. There are other food choices in Japan having multiple Japanese/Western cuisines all over the country and near my Yokohama Office. There are even things like the Bento Box (Lunch Box) which is an accessible and most of the time cheaper alternative if you don’t want to cook.

The city is amazing, there is so much to do! Things like the beautiful Yokohama Cosmoworld which is just a 15-minute walk from my Ericsson Office. This is a great place to bring family/kids/friends and you see a lot of tourists as it is very lively with music, street food, coffee & restaurants.

What has been the biggest challenge for you in the location you are living and working?

The biggest challenge working in Japan is the Japanese language. For one it is not easy to learn and secondly it can be very difficult to communicate if you struggle with the language. Lucky for me, I found an English-speaking community.

What has been the best thing about where you are?

The best thing about Tokyo is it is one of the most well-connected cities in the world. I like exploring and Tokyo makes that easy. I can go explore all parts of Tokyo and feel safe making international friends on the way.

What advice would you give to anyone relocating to your location?

It is a good place, if anyone is coming to work in Japan they should come and explore the unique entity while living here. You will like the discipline are maintained here which would make you adjust easily and make you to passionate about your work and time.

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