Placement of the week: Solution Engineers

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Miranda Choeng from First Point Group's Shenzhen office, partnered with her client, a leader...

By Miranda Choeng

Principal Account Manager

Miranda Choeng from First Point Group's Shenzhen office, partnered with her client, a leader in Digital Solutions to recruit three Solution Engineers over the course of a year to help support the sales team and contribute to the company's growth.

Prior to Miranda recruiting for these roles, the client had unsuccessfully worked with other telecommunication recruitment agencies for several months before reaching out. Finding good quality candidates was the client’s priority.

Attracting candidates proved to be the biggest struggle as the client is not the most well-known overseas and some of their competitors have typically offered higher compensation packages. Miranda Choeng commented: "They really needed candidates with detailed technical background to help support the sales team with increasing the sales revenue and contributing towards the company’s revenue growth."

In order to find a shortlist of good quality candidates, Miranda used a combined approach of speaking with her candidate network, and conducting detailed searches via both our database and LinkedIn. After reviewing many candidate profiles Miranda shortlisted 21 candidates who had the advanced technical background which she knew would be a very good fit for the client.

The recruitment process took just under a year, which can be considered lengthy, but Miranda knew she only wanted to present the highest quality candidates to the client, which they understood.

Of the 21 shortlisted candidates, 12 were interviewed and five were offered jobs, two of which accepted. The first candidate started work in March 2022 and the second began working in August 2022.

Overall, the client was beyond pleased with the quality of candidates that Miranda presented. Miranda is currently working with them to fill the last role. The Hiring Manager commented: "The quality of CVs that are sent from FPG have been really good."

As a specialist telecommunications recruitment agency in Shenzhen, we work with a variety of telecommunications organizations helping them to recruit for the most sought-after telecommunications jobs in China. For more information contact a member of the First Point Group team in your local region.

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