Placement of the week: Senior Automation Engineer

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Ted and Nabil have successfully placed a Senior Automation Engineer with a brand new client ...

By Ted Ko

Account Director

Ted and Nabil have successfully placed a Senior Automation Engineer with a brand new client based in California. As a permanent placement, extra care was taken by our recruiters to ensure that the candidates understood the permanent position with a fast-growing IoT company.

Ted Ko commented on his relationship with our IoT client:

“We had a job offer with my client’s hiring managers back in 2009 in Zambia. He became a lifetime friend of First Point Group and took us to 3 difference clients, including this new relationship we have started with this company. This is will be the first of many happy placements.

As a global recruitment team, we all had to chip in with the processes. Edgar Guzman, Reggie Dela Cruz, Nabil Rhrarba and myself worked on this project with over 25 of our specialist candidates submitted. This is for me an excellent example of the team we have.

It’s also a fantastic new client in a very exciting new sector (Automation Testing/Robotics). Thank you, Reggie and Edgar, as well for such hard work in making the pie.”

Nabil Rhrarba also commented on hiring the Senior Automation Engineer:

“This placement was very challenging and exciting to fill. With a new client, new and emerging industry and new candidates. It took some time, but in the end, we did find the right candidate, who has been exceptionally patient, committed and friendly.

It has been good teamwork, generally speaking, Ted managed the client excellently, to make sure they understood our candidate. From my side, I became excellent friends with the candidate and made sure that he was happy during the whole process before he committed and signed on the dotted line.”

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