Placement of the week: Optical Consultant

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This week’s placement of the week is with a new telecoms client that approached us to see if...

By Philip Jones

Regional Director - Europe

This week’s placement of the week is with a new telecoms client that approached us to see if we could help them in the UK. The requirement we filled was a permanent role with one of our contractors who has worked for us previously.

First Point Group needs to stay connected with our network as best as possible to understand which candidate’s technical expertise will best fit the telecoms vacancy. We not only want to keep up to date with our telecoms experts across the world, but we want to keep them informed about the most relevant roles that we are hiring for. By registering for jobs, our candidates are notified of the vacancies that they want to apply for.

Phil Jones, Account Director in London, commented on the Core Network Support Engineer placement;

“This requirement was straightforward for First Point Group on the face of it: a Core Network Support Engineer, however the client had specific requirements and criteria for the successful candidate in addition to the roles regular duties. So, finding someone with the depth of knowledge in Core Node Integrations and O&M was tricky.

However, I have known the candidate for over 8 years, he has done contracts for us in the UK before. We catch up occasionally but he came onto my radar very quickly for this role as he made direct contact shortly after I advertised the vacancy. I spoke with my candidate to understand his desires to move jobs, and fortunately it matched the available opportunity with my client. COVID did its best to delay things (pushing back start date by 3 months) but we kept in touch, kept pushing and got them over the line.”

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