Placement of the week: 5G testing engineer

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Chris Lamb, Regional Director in Hong KongAs a permanent placement, the hiring process is us...

By Christopher Lamb

Asia Managing Director

Chris Lamb, Regional Director in Hong Kong

As a permanent placement, the hiring process is usually a lot longer and more intricate, which is why we take every care in the candidate screening process. Chris Lamb successfully placed a 5G Testing Engineer role as a result of communicating with his extensive candidate network. Hard work and laser focus has paid off in fulfilling this requirement!

Chris Lamb commented on the 5G Testing Engineer placement:

“For this placement, I came across the opportunity through a candidate that I spoke with for another role.

When I spoke with my client, based in Asia, it was clear the company had urgent 5G testing requirements in Japan and a small internal team to find them.

The speed of the process from contract signing to filling these roles was incredibly fast. My client was keen and very clear on what the company needed, so I had all of the knowledge to help fill this 5G Testing Engineer placement.

I found the candidate relatively quickly as I had been searching for similar roles in the past, so it shows if you genuinely specialise in telecoms, there are plenty of crossover opportunities.”

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