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2022 is shaping up to be a year that the telecommunications market in Japan could see a huge...

By Satoshi Tanaka

Principal Account Manager

2022 is shaping up to be a year that the telecommunications market in Japan could see a huge increase in recruitment activity. According to business news outlet Nikkei Asia, Japan will set up a wide area experimental network in 2022 to experiment with 5G Open RAN. It’s also anticipated that the top four telecommunication companies in Japan could be ready to roll out 5G base stations across the country by April 2024.

Open RAN is looking to be the hot topic in the Japanese telecommunications industry this year with Rakuten in Japan being the “first mover” in building out nationwide, 5G Open RAN networks. According to a recent Forbes article, Japan has called for two international conferences this year to promote the development of Open RAN systems.

According to the same Nikkei Asia article “Japan wants to strengthen cooperation with the U.S. and other Quad countries and is committed to accelerating Open RAN. Japan is also pushing collaboration with Western telecom manufacturers. Docomo, Rakuten Mobile, NEC, Fujitsu, and other companies are preparing an application for technical specifications to the O-RAN alliance.”

In pushing for an increase in Open RAN workload, spearheaded by the Japanese government and major telco firms, the hope is that Japanese telecommunications companies can provide an alternative to Huawei.

The most recent information from market research company, Statista, shows that the Japanese telecommunication market is gradually increasing in value and is now estimated at a staggering ¥14.9 trillion ($129 billion USD). With the increased focus on Open RAN in 2022, we anticipate this to translate into an increase in recruitment for Open RAN jobs in Japan over the next 12 months. It will be interesting to see how Japanese telecommunication companies work alongside other Quad countries over the course of 2022, and what effect this will have on telecommunications recruitment in Japan.

Satoshi Tanaka, a recruitment specialist in Japanese telecommunications commented:

“The Japanese recruitment market is extremely competitive at the moment, especially within 5G and Open RAN. Global tech companies are competing for the best talent in Japan, so partnering with an experienced, expert recruitment agency who understands a company’s recruitment strategy, innovative technology, and career progression is the key to succeed in Japan's competitive telecommunications recruitment market.”

For more information about the telecommunication recruitment market in Japan, contact Satoshi Tanaka.

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