Employer Brand: LinkedIN vs Glassdoor

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We have far too much choice and not enough guidance when it comes to building our business’ ...

By Sean Furey

Head Of Marketing

We have far too much choice and not enough guidance when it comes to building our business’ digital presence. But, two platforms we can be sure of are LinkedIn & Glassdoor.

LinkedIn is the largest professional networking site in the world…

…with more than 260 million active users. Over 75% of people who have recently changed jobs used LinkedIn to inform their career decision. With the most extensive professional profiles combined and its use of intelligent targeting, LinkedIn is an incredibly compelling tool to reach out to not just active, but passive candidates as a dominant employer.

LinkedIn’s main features:

  • Job adverts distributed by LinkedIn’s algorithm
  • The ‘Recruiter’ search function in the world’s biggest database
  • Company page features to highlight employer brand

The ultimate shop window for your brand is Glassdoor.

It gives an honest insight into what it is like to interview and work at your company. With information on salaries, working conditions and interview experiences, it’s no doubt that Glassdoor is an essential platform to master. As an evaluation tool, it is a direct reflection of the quality and value your organisation brings to its employees and candidates.

Glassdoor’s main features:

  • Job adverts scraped from your company website
  • Employer branding functions to benchmark against competitors
  • Review highlighting

How do they compete? 

LinkedIn’s mighty global scale may be superior to Glassdoor’s 41 million users, but LinkedIn is for more than just Employer Branding. If candidates want to check the credibility of a company, of course, they’re going to take note of reviews on Glassdoor.

If you think about the candidate’s journey, they are deciding whether to work for your organisation or not. What will be those determining factors online? Where will they look? Most likely, they will be researching across as many different platforms as possible. You must consider this!

Authenticity & Credibility 

It’s important to recognise on both platforms that reviews, comments and ratings may go up and down. Candidates will be brutally honest when they have had a bad experience with a company, and in turn, they will praise a good experience too. How you, as a company respond, is a very different strategy altogether.

Responding to negative reviews on Glassdoor

5 Do’s when responding to negative LinkedIn comments


LinkedIn & Glassdoor should be used harmoniously to tick as many of the Employer Brand boxes as you can. Distribute your Employer Brand efforts on both platforms, and you will reap the benefits in attracting the best talent for your business.

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