Testimonial: Philip Jones

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Brajesh details his experience with us as he was recently placed in permanent employment wit...

By Philip Jones

Regional Director - Europe

Brajesh details his experience with us as he was recently placed in permanent employment with a large telco organisation in Germany.

Phil Jones, European Account Director at First Point Group, assisted his career relocation from the UK and assisted with all of the necessary recruitment processes, from initial submission to visa requirements.

“Before contact with FPG, I was a Permanent Employee with my previous company, who gave me the chance to work on onshore with deputation letter which was for a maximum of 2-3 Years and I was looking for permanent settlement in Europe.

My first contact with FPG was with a lady who had rejected first my profile due to a visa clarification issue, but I later got connected with Philip Jones (really was like a miracle for me) who helped me a lot in the whole process. Once I lost my hopes in December and accepted other offers, but his efforts came through and I finally got the opportunity I was looking for.

A major challenge was that the job opportunity that was created earlier by the hiring organisation was closed as there was a conflict in demand with a client and my soon to be a new company. Later, Philip himself left no stone unturned to get a permanent opportunity for me.”

We asked Brajesh, how would you describe your FPG point of contact, Phil?

“In one word: Awesome. Never losing hope and keeps on chasing until the target is achieved.”

How would you rate the overall service provided?

5/5 stars with my own marvellous experience.

Would you recommend FPGs services to others?

Always. Just keep up the good work and seamless efforts to make a difference!

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