Recruitment Activity to increase in Africa in 2023

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Frank Khotso and Jerry Lee from First Point Group’s Johannesburg office attended AfricaCom –...

By Jerry Lee

Account Director

Frank Khotso and Jerry Lee from First Point Group’s Johannesburg office attended AfricaCom – an event that puts the spotlight on current & new tech and telecoms in Africa. Exhibitors and industry leaders from Africa came together to discuss the advancements in technology and the evolution of telecoms in Africa and what it means for current and new businesses. 

When meeting business leaders, some familiar and some new, Frank and Jerry were able to ask pressing questions about business projections and market opinions for 2023. The conclusions of many conversations focused on the increased need for Engineers as they venture into the Digital Solutions Market and companies focusing on enrolling 5G coverage across Africa. Jerry Lee commented: “We will see a tremendous demand for IoT Solution Engineers, Cloud Solution Architects and Maintenance Engineer roles in 2023. This means an increase on recruitment activity over the course of the year.” 

With speakers from Huawei, Omida, Ericsson and Deloitte, it was exciting to hear about the different predictions and focus for 2023, and how it will affect the tech and telecoms market in Africa. Frank Khotso commented: “Due to recent floods in South Africa, a lot of telecom infrastructures were damaged. This means that companies have a lot to fix and upgrade.” This current problem could affect the advancements of tech in Africa and could delay the introduction of new technologies into the market.

The outlook of recruitment activity in 2023

From the discussions throughout the event, it was clear that there’s an increasing number of businesses in Africa partnering with companies across the globe. 2023 will definitely be the year of tech advancements for Africa. Jerry Lee is looking forward to seeing how the new partnerships will develop, he said: “I am excited to see a lot of collaboration between local African entities and global companies. These will help drive the technology space forward.” Frank also agreed with Jerry and shared his excitement by saying: “I’m excited to also see the collaborations and partnerships of ISP companies and the government.

Overall, it’s apparent that 2023 will be a growth year for Africa with recruitment activity looking busy and Africa’s technology starting to advance. We look forward to seeing the development businesses will have when adjusting to all the new changes and how that will impact the telecoms industry in Africa.

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