My Journey from Telco Engineer to Recruitment: Ahmed Abouzaid

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By Ahmed Abouzaid

Account Manager


Briefly describe your career history prior to commencing your recruitment career.

I graduated with a bachelor’s degree in electronics & communication, then worked within the telecoms industry and amassed over 15 years’ experience as a telecoms engineer specializing in the areas of radio access networks (RAN) and transmissions, as part of ASP mentoring and quality teams. I have worked for major telecoms vendors such as Ericsson and Nokia within the Middle East and Africa (MEA).

What attracted you to a career in telecoms?

There are two sides to the industry: One is what users can see and touch, from fixed-line telephones and broadband to mobile devices and apps, and then there is the infrastructure that makes all this possible. On top of that, is the cloud infrastructure that enables things to happen. What sparked my interest was understanding all the various elements that make up the telecoms industry such as: research and development, technical sales and marketing, installation and technical support. The continuous goal of the industry is to facilitate and evolve communications around the world which I find very interesting.

What were the reasons for leaving telecoms?

The telecoms industry was always very enjoyable for me. However, after 15 years of dedication to the telecoms industry, I got to a point when I wanted a change, a new challenging position and a new environment where I could still use my industry knowledge but with new responsibilities.

What appealed to you about a career in telecoms recruitment with First Point Group?

I wanted to work in an environment where everyone was passionate about collaboration and team building. After learning more about First Point Group, I’ve realized how dedicated the team are to creating strong relationships between employees through international collaboration and team projects. This is something I’m also passionate about and believed I would thrive in this type of environment.

Has working in the recruitment industry been different to what you expected?

The recruitment industry proved to be more fascinating than I’d first expected. Working with many telecoms organisations, understanding their future plans and being part of that journey from a recruitment perspective is something that I really enjoy. I’m still a technical person at heart, so I enjoy learning how the variety of skills from candidates can help this.

How did you find the transition from working in telecoms to working in recruitment?

As a former telecoms professional, I loved the challenge of switching into the recruitment sector and developing my skills in sales and business development. I managed this transition by being very inquisitive.

How has having a technical background helped your career in recruitment?

When I approach clients and candidates, I ensure to let them know about my career as a telecoms engineer. By using my technical knowledge and expertise, and my genuine interest in how the industry is evolving, I can quickly qualify and find exactly what clients need.

What’s your advice to a telecoms professional who may be thinking of making a similar move to you?

It is the fact that you learn new skills every day that is most appealing. So if this is something that is of interest to you then I would suggest you go for it.

If you’re interested in working in recruitment and want to learn more about a career at First Point Group, contact Head of Talent Acquisition, Philip Bowles.

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