European Market Update 2022

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In her latest article, Giulia Arca from First Point Group’s Paris office discuss the main gr...

By Giulia Arca

Senior Account Manager

In her latest article, Giulia Arca from First Point Group’s Paris office discuss the main growth areas within the European Telecommunications market and the latest hot jobs in telecommunications. This year is certainly the year for 5G and Cloud Virtualization. Giulia comments “Since the start of the year, we have seen a massive growth in Europe of 5G jobs and Open RAN jobs, as well as jobs in Cloud Virtualization, whose growth is related to the 5G expansion”.  The market is becoming very competitive in these areas. The established major telecommunications organisations are on course to start new 5G projects, and new disruptive Open RAN companies are growing very fast and obtaining more projects with European operators. According to Allied Market Research, the European 5G infrastructure market was valued at $359.3m in 2019 and is projected to reach $42.7bn by 2027. There appears to be similar growth potential for Open RAN in Europe, Analysis Mason predict that Open RAN global supplier’s revenues could be worth €36.1bn by 2026. This is phenomenal growth and with it comes a huge increase in recruitment for jobs in 5G and Open RAN jobs. 

The 'hot jobs' in the market 

In Western and Southern Europe (Portugal, Spain, France and Italy), Giulia is seeing a huge demand from all major telco vendors for LTE and 5G Optimization engineers. These telecommunications companies are recruiting for RF Engineers jobs as well as candidates with experience within Network Planning Optimization and a very strong background with 4G/LTE and 5G expertise. The market is seeking this type of candidate because telco companies want to have the best engineers to realize their network optimizations projects with their existing customer base. 

There is also a high demand for Pre-Sales and Project Manager, candidates who have the technical knowledge to be able to win new projects and new clients in the network virtualization and 5G optimization process. These candidates should be people who think out of the box, strategic thinkers and experts in 4G and 5G technologies. 

Overall, it’s a very exciting time for the 5G and Open RAN markets in Europe. I look forward to seeing how these markets develop over the coming years and what opportunities arise. 

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