5G Telco Cloud: The continuing evolution of the $105bn market

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Like all areas of telecommunications, 5G is undergoing continuous evolution. In this article...

By David Taylor

Group Managing Director

Like all areas of telecommunications, 5G is undergoing continuous evolution. In this article, we focus specifically on 5G Telco Cloud, an area First Point Group is seeing increasing levels of recruitment within. The entire Telco Cloud market is predicted to grow exponentially in the next decade going from $31.36bn in 2021 to a whopping $105.7bn by 2030 - a 237% increase as reported by Precedence Research. The same research paper explains that whilst Asia-Pacific has the largest share of the telco cloud market, North America is the fastest growing. 

What is 5G Telco Cloud? 

As defined in a recent article by  5GWorldPro.com, 5G Telco Cloud is a “software-based cloud infrastructure that enables a flexibility to place the 5G network functions/applications and divide the single infrastructure into multiple network slices for delivering a wide range of services from eMBB to URLLC”. So why is 5G Telco Cloud beneficial? Among other functionalities, 5G Telco Cloud allows servers to perform activities that would otherwise require hardware, enabling services to be added quickly, and the ability to respond quickly and manage resources efficiently. 

Jobs in 5G Telco Cloud  

Between LinkedIn and Indeed there are approximately 100 jobs in Telco Cloud which have been posted in the last month. This shows the increasing demand in this market. Across the globe (and predominately in the US and China), First Point Group is noticing more telecommunication organisations recruiting into this space. David Taylor, Managing Director of First Point Group said “Given the evolution of telecommunications and the natural development of the cloud, it’s not surprising that 5G Telco Cloud is growing at such a rapid rate. Our teams in Dallas, Shenzhen and Hong Kong speak are noticing the uptick in recruitment within this area.”  

We expect recruitment activity in 5G Telco Cloud to increase in the coming years as more businesses continue to want things such as private networks and adaptable networks. It will be interesting to see whether the success of 5G Telco Cloud pushes the $105bn market value even further. Time will tell. 

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