Three of the hottest telecommunications jobs in the UK in 2022.

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The UK telecoms recruit market is shaping up to be remarkably busy throughout 2022. With the...

By Pendy Hou

Senior Account Manager

The UK telecoms recruit market is shaping up to be remarkably busy throughout 2022. With these three areas particularly busy, continued rollout of 5G, expansion of networks, and increased demand for project managers. As reported by news outlet Businesswire: “The outlook for recovery remains optimistic, in particular, in mobile and fixed broadband sectors in 2022.” In the same article it states “The United Kingdom telecom market is one of the fast-growing industries with strong growth opportunities for companies operating in the industry.” I would agree with this statement and in this article, I’ll provide a brief overview of the three in-demand area as well as highlight the three most in-demand jobs in telecoms in the UK at the moment.



The continued rollout of 5G across the UK as well as upgrade projects across the operators has resulted in a demand for resources either directly with the operators or through suppliers with the end-customers being the operators. There is also continued work for swapping out Huawei 5G equipment.

Expansion of Network

The expansion of networks is resulting in a demand for resources in in the Network Operation Centre (NOC). There is further demand for IP networking experience and the demand for professionals with Cisco/Juniper certifications to monitor and support their networks.

Project Managers

There is a demand for Project Managers across a wide range of technology backgrounds but in particularly for Cloud / SDN / NFV. There seems be an increase in collaboration and the integration of equipment from different vendors so candidates with exposure to similar projects are preferred

Below are the three most in-demand jobs in telecoms in the UK market along with their typical job description:


  • Support the project team to deliver the Design & Build activities.
  • Maintain an up-to-date program of works in the client internal database that records progress against deliverable activities for each live site in the delivery manager work stack.
  • Managing activity in a virtual team environment and ensuring all planning and reporting is prompt and correct.
  • Programming of works in line with customer prioritization and volume targets including leading a detailed site-level gating activity prior to accepting planned works into the program.
  • Ensuring works are completed within the KPI’s set out by the project and driving quality in all aspects of the delivery process.
  • Ensure the partner reviews and resolves any documentation or site defect within the agreed KPI’s for the issue type.


  • Join a team of highly skilled engineers covering 24/7 support.
  • Provide 3rd line technical support within a multi-vendor environment.
  • Provide technical expertise and guidance to customers throughout their journey, from Activation to Decommissioning.
  • Shape the Customer Experience by delivering excellent post-sales operational support, including but not limited to Service Activation, Case Management, and Incident Management. 
  • Lead complex troubleshooting with Distribution Partners, relying on Principal Engineers and technical teams when appropriate.
  • Ensure fluid and constant communication flow with Distribution Partners during troubleshooting, while managing internal stakeholders.
  • Enrich the knowledge Database capitalizing on operational feedback.


  • Detailed planning and execution of Software Upgrades considering e2e prerequisites, dependencies, and priority calls within the Programme.
  • Ensure complex, multiple dependencies, upgrades are tested and agreed upon with all stakeholders before being deployed.
  • Ensure consistent e2e horizontal sync across the program for SW upgrades.
  • Ensure client and end-customer processes are applied as requested by the Programme Leadership Team.
  • Ensure adequate and transparent communications channels throughout the full project organization, both internal and Customer. 
  • Ensure that all reports are created and delivered as needed for the Programme and requested by the Customer/Client management.
  • Ensure exact resource forecasting and associated financial approvals.
  • Ensure Project Managers/Technical Project Managers are delivering the project’s scope with optimized cost as much as practical as per the approved budget.

The telecommunications jobs market in the UK is currently booming and 2022 is expected to see exponential growth. If you are considering a career move for a new job in telecommunications, contact me or our team in London. 

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