Three of the hottest telecommunications jobs in Mexico in 2022

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Without question, the main area of focus for the telecommunications market in Mexico (and ac...

By Luz Nunez

Delivery Team Leader

Without question, the main area of focus for the telecommunications market in Mexico (and across LATAM) in 2022 will be 5G. According to a recent report by the GSMA, 5G technology will represent 14% of mobile connections in Mexico by 2025, and 12% of total connections across LATAM in the same period. AT&T Mexico are leading the way in 5G rollout.

Nicole Rodríguez, VP and CTO at AT&T Mexico commented: “In the next three years, we will deploy 5G in the main markets of the country, starting with the most important cities”.

To show how dedicated AT&T are in their commitment to deploy 5G, they are opening a 5G Innovation Laboratory, a space designed to test and validate 5G use cases with collaborators, industry, and customers. With other telecommunications companies also committing to the rollout of 5G, it will be interesting to see how this progresses over the next 12 months as well as other areas within telecommunications. Luz Nunez from our Mexico City office believes the following jobs in telecommunications will be in demand in 2022. Here they are along with their typical job descriptions:


  • Have a good command of Packet core principles, service configuration, troubleshooting, maintenance experience, guarantee PS network performance.
  • A good understanding of PS core network solutions and related network solutions.
  • Strong cloud infrastructure basic knowledge and principal knowledge.
  • Understand the formulation of the delivery solution for a new Cloud PS project, analysis based on typical delivery scenarios, delivery solution implementation, have a command of PS core implementation management method, analysis based on network priorities, and project plan integration guide.
  • Have a good command of parallel migration, hot migration, and swap migration, have a basic command of risks and difficult points of each migration scenario, formulation of migration schemes based on live network conditions and customer requirements.


  • Good knowledge of protocol IGP(OSPF/ISIS), BGP, STP/MSTP, VPN, and Firewall.
  • Priority will be given to the candidates with one or more HCIE/HCIP/CCIE/CCNP certificates.
  • Good oral and written Spanish and English.
  • At least have a certificate of CCNP, and priority will be given to the candidates who have a certificate of CCIE/HCIE.
  • Well-versed in IP network maintenance and network management area
  • NOTE: the experience for NMS is a priority for this resource, NCE, and U2000.


  • Master at least two of the knowledge about CS/ IMS/NGN/STP/DRA/Convergence Data (UPCC, HLR, HSS, EIR), etc. Grasp Core Network design, functionality, and operation.
  • Master to plan, implement, integrate, migrate and perform acceptance tests for Core Network.
  • Master to analyse network performance, resolve complex network problems, and optimize network architecture.

The telecommunications jobs market in Mexico is currently booming and 2022 is expected to see exponential growth. If you are considering a career move for a new job in telecommunications, contact me or our teams in Mexico City.

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