Three of the hottest telecommunications jobs in Asia in 2022

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The telecommunications market in Asia is arguably one of the most advanced in the world, lea...

By Christopher Lamb

Asia Managing Director

The telecommunications market in Asia is arguably one of the most advanced in the world, leading the way in new, undeveloped areas such as 6G, which is expected to be available to the mass market by 2030 at the earliest.

In 2022, however, there are three areas that we predict will grow exponentially in the telecommunications jobs market in Asia:

IP is an area with a lot of growth potential. Networks are mainly IP-based nowadays, hence the increased desire for IP network engineers amongst telecommunications organisations. 

Software Engineers will certainly be in demand this year, especially those with software and Cloud/NFV skills. 

Finally, the nature of 5G networks means that AI and automation are becoming increasingly important so that networks functions are not only becoming virtualised but also automated. 

Overall, we predict the main growth areas for the telecommunications market in Asia in 2022 will be:

  • IP network engineering.
  • Cloud / NFV / Software engineering / DevOps.
  • Big data / AI / Automation.

Below are three types of roles that we believe will be in demand telecommunication jobs in Asia this year along with their typical job descriptions:


  • Provide overall design and engineering, implementation and migration planning, service design and proof of concept, implementation, testing, optimization services, customer training and advice, and on-site support. 
  • Perform testing of new designs, features, and functionality as required by customers in a laboratory environment. 
  • Work with internal technical teams for product placement and feature improvements for reliability, availability, and serviceability. 
  • Validate patches and fixes to operating software that ensures they are implemented and functioning correctly in the pre-production test network and live network. 
  • Troubleshoot equipment and network problems, initiate and track cases through to problem resolution on pre and postproduction issues. 


  • Work directly with customers to implement Big Data solutions at scale. 
  • Design and implement Hadoop and NiFi platform architectures and configurations for customers. 
  • Perform platform installation and upgrades for advanced secured cluster configurations. 
  • Analyze complex distributed production deployments and make recommendations to optimize performance. 
  • Able to document and present complex architectures for the customer’s technical teams.


Experience in extensive software system maintenance, for example:

  • traditional software business.
  • CBS.
  • VAS.
  • Big data EDC.
  • Innovative software OWS.
  • IES, etc.
  • Software coding skills such as python, JavaScript, etc.

The telecommunications jobs market in Asia is currently booming and 2022 is expected to see exponential growth. If you are considering a career move for a new job in telecommunications, contact me or our teams in Hong Kong or Shenzhen.

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