Take your cyber skills overseas and earn up to 40% more

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Your cyber security skills are in demand, but will your next role give you the opportunity o...

By Pendy Hou

Senior Account Manager

Your cyber security skills are in demand, but will your next role give you the opportunity of rapid advancement, more experience, more money and a beach?

Working abroad, whether you’re a CISO, an Information Security Engineer or you work in Identity Access Management, will not only broaden your CV, but improve your bank balance too. Plus, who doesn’t want to experience a new culture, different surroundings along with a whole new cyber security career challenge?

These are some of the top locations that Cyber Security professionals are relocating to:


A leading international Cyber Security company, Cyber Security St. Lucia by G5, has settled in the Caribbean with their main hub on the island. With a 5 hour time difference from the UK and close connections to USA, the Caribbean is perfectly connected to other technology hubs.

Why work in the Caribbean?

Need we say more? Have the world’s best holiday destinations as your home. While the islands are famous for tropical weather conditions, the Caribbean is also a favoured tax climate for businesses and employees alike, which has resulted in a diverse group of people residing on the islands; of course adapting to the friendly and laid back culture!


Growing at a significant rate annually, the Asian economy is exemplary. With Technology at its core, cyber security’s is highly important for businesses and consumers alike.

A lot of people using a lot of technology and the services of online businesses that all need to be protected. A move to Asia would mean certain career advancement immediately and with any future moves you make.

Why work in Asia?

First and foremost, you are welcome to. As the most culturally accommodating continents, experience Asia’s hospitality in China, Japan, and Indonesia and everywhere in between.

From a westernised culture, visiting Asia might seem daunting, but once you’ve seen and tasted what’s on offer, there will be no stopping you.

In China, and more specifically Shenzhen, there is a rapidly growing expat community working for companies such as Huawei, Alibaba, Tencent and Cisco, all of which are investing heavily in R&D and Cyber Security technology.

The United States of America

Security in the USA has never been taken lightly, and Cyber has now become a large part of this. A large number of technology professionals have gained a H1B visa because of their in demand skills and the ability to add a ‘localised’ point of view. With attacks being completed from a number of foreign locations, the USA are looking for individuals that are local to these countries to help counter future attacks.

Why work in the USA?

Working in the land-of-the-free has appealed to many people, whether it’s business in the big apple, downtown Dallas or helping with Cyber Security in Silicon Valley. America is well known for a better way of life compared to many places around the world which is why so many people settle.

Additionally, there are plenty of opportunities to travel without leaving the country and enough attractions to keep you there too. So why not start your American dream?

Western & Central Europe

Cyber Security is of high importance across Europe. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect as of May 2018, and will require companies to improve the security of their data and systems, and how breaches are dealt with. Consequences of unreported data breaches can cost €20,000,000 or 4% of the company’s global turnover; whichever is more. Organisations are crying out for information security professionals to fulfill their compliance needs, which in turn is financially rewarding.

Why work in Europe?

While there are many different countries to reside, the main benefit to working in Europe is the potential and ease of travel. There are lots of short distance trips where you can easily be immersed into different cultures.

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