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In his latest article, Jerry Li from First Point Group’s Johannesburg office discusses the m...

By Jerry Lee

Account Director

In his latest article, Jerry Li from First Point Group’s Johannesburg office discusses the main growth areas within the Johannesburg Telecommunications market and the latest hot jobs in telecommunications. Currently, the skill set most in demand is tech sales and business development . This demand is particularly prominent for South African tech companies and Chinese Tech companies with a base in South Africa.

The 3 most in-demand jobs in telecommunications

Sales Manager

A Sales Manager’s primary role is to search for new customers and projects in their assigned vertical sector. They need to be skilled in business development and identifying new leads and opportunities via winning new accounts from scratch or upselling existing accounts. Being a ‘people person' is paramount as building/maintaining relationships with new and existing customers is core to being a successful Sales Manager in telecommunications. 

Channel Manager 

Channel managers are usually responsible for improving customer consumption; planning and implementing customer presentations, overseeing account profiles, and monitoring competitor activity. They assist in communicating with resellers to create plans for growing market share and communicating channel activities.

Account Manager 

A successful Account Manager ensures that client needs are understood and satisfied. They build and manage client relationships, collect information, and ensure that company offerings meet the individual needs of clients. 

3 predictions for telecommunications recruitment for the next 6 months

As my focus is predominantly on the Chinese Tech Market where Tech is always a continuously non-stop developing sector. New Tech products are always launched into the general market, and to launch such new products or solutions there will consistently be a requirement for Sales employees. As such my predictions for the next 6 months are:

  • An increase in the recruitment of Salespeople (at all levels). As we are reaching year-end, most clients tend to want to push sales targets to be met.
  • Tech and Telecoms companies may look at potential restructures after evaluating the first half of the year’s performances; and with the need to apply for new budget for the new financial year, a last-minute hiring spree on recruitment may occur
  • We can also see that with the year closing into a finish, tech and telecoms companies may also revaluate and review their existing employees to understand performance

Overall, my predictions are that in my sector, a mass hiring will happen and an increase in demand on bilingual employees that can speak both Mandarin and English.

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