My Telecoms Journey from PS Core & RAN Specialist to Recruitment: Bassan Karame

5 Minutes


By Bassan Karame

Principal Account Manager


Briefly describe your career history prior to commencing your recruitment career.

I studied Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering in Venezuela and began working in the industry as a Network Engineer in the national telephony industry. By 2008, I joined Ericsson as RAN and Packet Core Engineer, grew within this company in different roles from the technical engineering to Service Delivery Director until the end of 2017, supporting global operations during the times of 3G and 4G.

What attracted you to a career in telecoms?

I was always interested in technology and finding out how people and things were connected. When I completed my studies at University, I already had a few technical certifications from Microsoft and Cisco, and it was my desire to apply those learnings in the industry. Although I had a close approach to technology in the Oil and Gas sector, I was motivated to transition to pure telecommunications, and Ericsson was a leading company at that time. I was interested in moving to Ericsson as they had technology offerings that could develop my career in telecommunications.

What were the reasons for leaving telecoms?

Although I never planned on leaving telecommunications (which I don’t feel I have to a degree), there was a great opportunity to expand my career and knowledge in different areas which aligned with a personal and professional goal of relocating to USA. The idea of staying close to telecoms and explore the sales industry through recruitment motivated me to explore telecommunications recruitment as a career choice.

What appealed to you about a career in telecoms recruitment with First Point Group?

My last role in the telecommunications industry was a mix of operations and pre-sales, which I enjoyed tremendously. FPG was a company I followed for long time during my technical career and eventually I had the opportunity to work for them, which I found appealing as they are a specialist telecommunications recruitment agency. Working for them I could continue close interaction with the industry. I felt it was a great opportunity to have both sales and technical knowledge to help both candidates and clients.

Has working in the recruitment industry been different to what you expected?

Totally, I had the opportunity to collaborate with few staffing agencies sitting on the client end. However, by experiencing it for myself, I have learned that it is a very interesting and complex business. It’s exciting when adding value to your stakeholders (clients, candidates and employer), and it is very satisfactory when your personal and employers interests align to what clients are looking for. This is how being a specialist recruitment agency makes a difference and can exceed clients expectations.

How has having a technical background helped your career in recruitment?

I find it very satisfactory being able to understand clients’ by speaking the same technical language and also having a deep awareness of their business goals and challenges. Among other aspects, coming from the technical world creates a high sense of urgency and sensibility for quality of your delivery, and clients feel that. With regards to candidates, they love speaking with a technical specialist recruiter as they can effectively rely on us for their next dream job or career aspiration, assuring they will be presented to the right position and company based on their capabilities and competence.

What’s your advice to a telecoms professional who may be interested in making a similar move to you?

Fro thinking to acting, there is only one step. You must look at an opportunity like this as if it is a strategic investment of your time and knowledge, as you will be meeting with several business representatives and connecting with thousands of clients and candidates expanding your network. Recruitment isn’t for everyone, but if you have ambition, a hardworking mindset and the willingness to be successful, I personally invite you to explore an opportunity like this, you might never look back.

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