Hiring a cyber security specialist should be a priority for your business

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With an increasing number of businesses looking to secure their data and systems to a high s...

By Pendy Hou

Senior Account Manager

With an increasing number of businesses looking to secure their data and systems to a high standard, it is no surprise that the demand for cyber security specialists has soared in recent months! In fact, in the last month alone we have seen a 150% increase in the number of new opportunities that we are recruiting for.

What’s causing the increased demand?

With more businesses gradually encouraging employees to return to the office in some capacity; be it full-time or a home/office hybrid model, it is imperative that businesses address the increased cyber threat landscape and create an environment that is that both safe and secure.

We recently spoke with several Chief Information Security Officers (CISO’s) and it’s apparent that the areas below should be carefully examined by businesses that do not currently have a dedicated cyber security specialist. Protecting data begins with documentation, making sure this is built into the culture of a business is imperative. To ensure businesses remain GDPR compliant; firewall rules, system hardening standards, data retention policies and password policies should be standard procedures. Businesses handle vast amounts of sensitive data daily, therefore making sure the right people, processes and technologies are in place is of the upmost importance. In doing so, the areas that businesses need to work on include:

The points above need to be visible across the business, ensuring employees are aware of them helps to minimise the risk. Data breaches are almost inevitable and having a solid plan in place ensures minimum exposure.

Hiring a cyber security specialist

An article by Manage Engine highlighted 10 activities that businesses MUST do in order to ensure that data is kept as secure as possible, which obviously creates an increase in workload.  Therefore, in order to keep ahead of the game, it is recommended that businesses hire a dedicated cyber security specialist. This is could be an extension to your current IT team or a stand-alone function.

The cyber security recruitment team here at First Point Group work with businesses across multiple industries who are currently bolstering the size of their cyber security teams; FMCG, Professional Services, Technology Media Telecommunications, Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals to name a few.

A cyber security specialist can work with your business full-time, on a contract basis or on a project-by-project basis.

If you’re a business leader or a Head of IT and would like to know more about hiring a cyber security specialist but are unsure as to whether to hire on a contract or permanent basis, First Point Group’s cyber security recruitment team is here to provide advice.

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